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I am an intrepid adventurer who likes to share the world through my photos. I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to many places and see countless amazing things in my lifetime and am pleased to share these images with you. They were captured to chronicle my wanderlust and are displayed to encourage you to explore to the best of your ability. Each photo triggers a different memory and associated emotion for me, and I hope they affect you in a similar way.

Originally from Houston, Texas, I was blessed with parents who enjoy providing extraordinary experiences for their children. They believed travel facilitated this, and introduced us to road trips around the United States, ski expeditions to the mountains, and relaxing beach vacations in the tropics. In order to preserve these moments and memories, I turned to photography.

In my work, I try to convey the pure joy in the frame. I recognize the scene and capture it as it existed in that moment of time. To best honor the emotion and history, I do not alter my photos after they are taken. This is how I like to record the temporal perfection of life's experiences.

Thanks for visiting my site,
Paul Knickerbocker